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Comments From Participants

“Amazing amalgamation of estim/tuina/acupuncture and great practical value in clinic.”

“This class should be a required course for acupuncture schools.”

“Malvin has an ability to zero in on the causative factors of a patient's complaint, and distinguish the most important issue that needs immediate attention. What makes him a brilliant clinician also makes him an outstanding teacher - his listening for exactly what the student wants to know, even if the student isn't sure what that is, and deliver a concise, clear understanding, of mechanics, technique, and most importantly, right intention. Malvin is one of the great American acupuncturists of our time.” - Luke Adler, L.Ac.

“I have had some amazing results with the MPT/ETPS work and I don't really know what I am doing yet! The stuff I have done so far, both on myself and with clients is incredible.”

“My clients are improving faster than ever before.”

“I will be using the techniques learned here immediately in my practice.”

“Malvin is a very good teacher - knowledgeable, patient, generous and informative.”

“This work is very important in the realm of orthopedic medicine.”