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ETPS Microcurrent

ETPS Microcurrent (Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation) was developed by Bruce Hocking, acupuncturist - Toronto, Canada. Bruce pioneered the use of microcurrent and developed a system of using it for treating acupuncture points.

It is an effective, quick, inexpensive and portable method for releasing tightness and tenderness in points (acupuncture, trigger, motor) or adhesions that greatly enhances effectiveness of acupuncture or massage

What Is ETPS?
An ETPS unit is a microcurrent electrical stimulator and point finder. It is designed for use directly on the skin, not through wires connected to acupuncture needles. The probe is built into the machine and has a tip the size of a ball point pen. The electrical output of the device consists of square waveform, monophasic pulsed DC stimulation. A 9-Volt battery powers the device.

Differences between ETPS and other microcurrent machines:

Advantages Of ETPS
The combination of the type of current and the small size of the probe create the unique effect that the machine has:

ETPS provides an additional diagnostic screen
After MPT treatment with ETPS, both practitioner and patient can tell which points are:

Frequently, there will be immediate improvement in

The patient is able to immediately assess the effectiveness of each stage of treatment

ETPS provides additional treatment options
You can treat

Better Use Of Acupuncture

MPT can treat places that are uncomfortable for acupuncture needles

MPT can treat patient groups that are uncomfortable with acupuncture needles